The Moco Museum reinvented the look of Amsterdam’s Museumplein square

The Moco Museum reinvented the look of Amsterdam's Museumplein square

Amsterdam is a city of museums. Renowned artists such as Van Gogh and Rembrandt have their homes in this city. However, this city also has a museum that is changing everything. The Moco Museum is a young museum but one that has managed to capture the affection and respect of many visitors. It was born in 2016 from the hand of Lionel and Kim Logchies, owners of the Lionel Gallery in Amsterdam. The idea is to exhibit modern art that appeals to people of all ages. Located in the well-known Amsterdam’s Museumplein square, this museum gave a complete makeover to the image of this square, known for housing other older art museums. If you are planning a visit to this cultural city, this museum must be on your list.

What can you expect to see in this museum?

This museum is housed in the Villa Alsberg townhouse. A building built around 1904 and designed by Dutch architect Eduard Cuypers, cousin of the iconic Pierre Cuypers, designer of the Rijksmuseum and the Amsterdam Central Station. The Moco Museum offers a wide variety of paintings and sculptures designed to attract anyone’s attention. In its private garden you can stumble upon the “Freaky Mouse” by Fidia while on any of its 3 floors you can enjoy works by Banksy, Yayoi Kusama, Mark Rothko and the psychedelic space created by Studio Irma. There is no other museum like it in Amsterdam’s Museumplein square. In fact, many people notice the difference when visiting the museums surrounding the square. You can also use your cell phone to discover secrets hidden in some of the art pieces thanks to augmented reality technology.

You can’t forget to visit the Amsterdam’s Museumplein square

Although Amsterdam is full of places to visit, this square is an iconic location full of culture, tradition and history that you can’t miss. Many of the buildings date back to 1900. Besides the Moco Museum building, other buildings have a story to tell. You will have no problem discovering them thanks to the tourist plans offered by the city. Before planning your trip, we invite you to discover them all on the official website of the city. With the “I amstedarm” city card you can visit several museums in Amsterdam’s Museumplein square and other places in this city. You can get this card online and decide how much time you want to buy. It is an excellent option to save money on your next visit.